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A well chosen name sells better

Names must fascinate and stand out. It is key to emphasize the uniqueness of your product or company. Therefore NOMEN recommend names that suggest rather than describe. From years of experience, we know that a speech is more effective on an emotional level rather than any rational argument.


Brand Language

Make your corporate language for your trademark.

Brand Protection

Brands without protection are like buildings without structural analysis.

Brand Creation

NOMEN is a specialist in the professional development of internationally operational brand names.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy is the foundation of a successful naming and support system for the long-term brand framework.

Branding provides an identity

Protected names are popular. Brand names create a personality for products and provide a unique, personal profile for companies with around as many as 200 of them being registered every day in Germany alone.

Strong brand names convey messages and values. They have become a crucial element in consumer buyer decisions.