• 3/2019 – Enjoy it…but be careful: when brand names become everyday words

    To google, to skype, to sellotape: when a name is perceived less and less as a brand but more as a synonym for the entire product genre, it can come with surprising disadvantages. But why exactly do brands become victims…
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  • Year in Review

    Santa Claus is coming to town!
    NOMEN thanks all customers and friends for an exciting year! That was our 2015: Many new Naming References in the industry 4.0, High Tech, Medtech and services, including EffiLink Bosch terion for a new carbon spring for Otto Bock or…
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  • Provocative: Trouble with Fuckoffee

    A London Café fights for their company name: For the guests of “Fuckoffee” the brand name is cult, the building owners however disagree. Granted, the company name “Fuckoffee” for a café in London’s Bermondsey Street is not really in accordance…
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  • Number of the month: 5 billion

    In the next five years Germany will make a turnover of 5 billion US Dollars though the patent of medicinal products This is the result of a new study with the title “The Role of Generic Medicines in Sustaining Healthcare…
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  • Trade mark law: Ferrero protects “.kinder”

    Closeup of Computer Screen With Address Bar of Web Browser
    Ferrero secures “.kinder” with Internet administration ICANN Top Level Domain – the German government and German Child Protection Agency lose out. It was a long and controversial debate as to whether the extension “.kinder” could be monopolized by the confectionery…
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  • Branding Basics

    Zwei niedliche Ferkel nebeneinander auf einer Wiese
    Sometimes products in different product categories have the same name. Why doesn’t this violate trademark rights? A similar sounding brand name can be trademarked multiple times and used for completely different goods or services and where there is no likelihood…
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  • “The right naming strategy helps to sell more in an easier manner”

    Sybille Kircher300dpi
    In an interview Sybille Kircher, the long-time managing partner of Nomen, tells us what naming challenges brand managers are facing today. What issues are your customers currently dealing with? Today it is less about the naming of individual products, but…
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  • 12/2015 – E-car-naming: anything but electrifying

    The technology is exciting, the brand names are not: When it comes to the naming of electric vehicles, carmakers go for the obvious, rather than implementing new ideas. Such was the result of a study conducted by the Düsseldorf naming…
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