Naming Process

The NOMEN philosophy: our experience equals your success

Our goal: to strengthen your brand and develop incisive, quickly assertive brands. The focus is on your briefing, which is tapered during a strategy workshop with NOMEN to your individual needs and core issues. During the development process, we guarantee the generation of names that will stand out in the market.

A good christened name sells better

Names must fascinate and stand out. It is key to emphasize the uniqueness of your product or company. Therefore NOMEN recommend names that suggest rather than describe. From years of experience, we know that a speech is more effective on an emotional level rather than any rational argument.

NOMEN gives you security

In addition, we make sure your names’ sale potential is strengthened in the long term, instead of restricting its future development. It is crucial that the name works perfectly in each your markets worldwide and is legally protectable. All this is carefully reviewed by us during the naming process.