Stories behind the names

Velgastin® is a new medicine by Engelhard which offers immediate relief from flatulence for infants. The brand name was created in close cooperation with the Düsseldorf naming agency NOMEN. The focus of the new brand is not only on the wellbeing of the affected infants, but also that of the worried and exhausted parents. Gastrointestinal problems among infants arise due to regulatory disorders, food intolerances, and also as a result of immature digestive systems. Up to 28% of all babies worldwide suffer from gastrointestinal problems. Velgastin® Blähungen Suspension defoams the intestines on the basis of the tried and tested agent Simethichone, which belongs to the group of defoamers. To put it simply, this will physically dissolve excess air bubbles in the intestines. The gas can leave the body naturally and the distressing pressure on the abdomen decreases again.