New group name: From 1st July Deutsche Post will be known as the DHL group

July 24, 2023

Deutsche Post DHL Group, the world’s leading logistics company based in Bonn, has changed its group name to DHL Group as of 1 July 2023. “A decision with vision”, comments NOMEN-manager Sybille Kircher.

According to the group, the new name is intended to reflect the transformation that the group has undergone in recent years. The aim is to reflect the internationalisation of the business portfolio and the global visibility of the DHL brand. This now accounts for more than 90 % of the group’s revenue.

CEO Tobias Meyer told the press: “We are one of the most international companies in the world and use almost only the DHL brand in all markets outside Germany. The renaming to DHL Group follows this development and shows our customers and shareholders more clearly the focus of our business activities.”

The strong Deutsche Post and DHL brands remain unchanged

The announcement immediately drew criticism from the public. But the concerns are unfounded: The Deutsche Post and DHL brands will continue to be used in Germany as before. Tobias Meyer emphasised his pride in the tradition of Deutsche Post, its rich heritage and its history, which goes back to the 15th century. “We value the Deutsche Post brand and will continue to use it in our joint branding with DHL. We remain ‘The Post for Germany’.”

Stock exchange symbol becomes DHL

The new Group name also has no impact on the name of the listed Group parent company, which will continue to be Deutsche Post AG. However, the stock exchange abbreviation, which is currently ‘DPW’, will be changed to ‘DHL’ in order to better position the company’s global portfolio on the financial markets and to leverage the strong recognition of the DHL brand there as well.

The Group has been using the DHL Group name in its internal and external communications and presentation since 1 July 2023. However, in order to avoid additional costs, the company explained that the re-branding of some physical assets will only take place over time.

“The renaming is a strategically smart, forward-looking step. It will further increase awareness of the DHL brand worldwide and promote the international harmonisation of the brand image,” concludes brand expert Sybille Kircher. “On the other hand, nothing will change domestically, as the traditional Deutsche Post brand will remain”.

Grafik: DHL Group