Nomen Name Thinking: Developing brand names on the basis of design thinking

July 31, 2023

Nomen Name Thinking uses the principles of design thinking to develop brand names – in a practical and benefit-oriented way.

We now offer Nomen Name Thinking, an innovative and co-creative naming approach. It is based on the understanding that a succesful brand name is not only a word, but a key element that embodies the identity and values of its company and connects with the target audience.

What is Nomen Name Thinking?

Nomen Name Thinking is an innovative and user-centered method of naming. It transfers the principles of design thinking (user-centricity, creativity, iteration, collaboration and prototyping) to the development of brand names.

How does that work in concrete terms?

Nomen Name Thinking is designed to develop a brand name that excites your customers and prominently positions your brand in the competitive environment.

  1. Understanding and focus: First we take an intensive look at your target group. We conduct interviews and market research in order to understand the needs, wishes and emotions of your customers. From here we develop a strategic foundation, which lays the basis for the name development process. 
  2. Idea development and co-creation: Our experienced team of name specialists and creative experts come together to generate a variety of names in co-creative workshops- gladly with active support from your company. Different languages, associations and emotional factors are also taken into account.
  3. Prototyping and Iteration: The most promising name suggestions are developed into brand prototypes. We present these potential names to you or your customers, collect feedback and adapt the process accordingly. This allows us to continously improve the names and adapt them to the needs of your target group.
  4. Legal examination and availability: We check the selected names for their legal protectability and availability as trademark and domain name.
  5. Presentation of the final name proposals: At the end of the process you will receive a selection of carefully prepared name proposals from us that optimally represent your brand and achieve the desired effect with appropriate communicative support.

How your company benefits from Nomen Name Thinking

  • Customer oriented names: Nomen Name Thinkingensures that your brand name speaks to the needs and emotions of your customers and creates an intense connection
  • Creative and unique names: The collaborative approach produces creative and memorable brand names that stand out in a competitive landscape.
  • Well founded customer feedback: The involvement of your team or your customers makes it possible for us to understand their perspectives and align the names accordingly.
  • Legal safety: Careful legal screenings ensure that the selected names are available.
  • Strong brand identity: A tailor-made name conveys your values and identity, sets you apart from the competitive environment and helps build a strong brand.

Whether a corporate or start up name, product or app name- the Nomen Method enables agile and participative brand name development. Would you like to know more? Contact us at 0211 5779060 or write to!

Foto von JOSHUA COLEMAN auf Unsplash